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Prayer for the nation ministries is a non-profit making group.


Committed and dedicated to praying for the well being of individual in United Kingdom.

Ultimately we have faith that we can also extend services to the rest of the world. Prayer for the nation ministries have been focusing on the different kinds of challenges facing every nation specifically in the United Kingdom. We have faith in God that by Him all things are possible that whatever we asked of Him in prayer he will do.

Challenged that we intend on tacking involve sickness, barrenness, rape, drug abuse, gang violence, sexual abuse terrorism and many more.

These challenges have been and currently are affecting the lives of many people from different nations.

Prayer for the nation ministries are on a mission to intercede on behalf of the victims of these unfortunate events through prayer, counselling and preaching the Word of God. We plan to organise world shops and seminars for these activities to take place.

Other challenges that also require urgent attention are mainly targeted at the youth audients such as teenage pregnancy, anti-social behaviour, gun and knife crime.

Prayer for the nation ministries will collaborate with all government organisations and churches that are specialise in environmental and social issues to make the programmes beneficial to the public.